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During the next fiscal year, the Riverside County Transportation Commission (Commission) will spend approximately $923.6 million on a variety of projects and programs

During the next fiscal year, the Riverside County Transportation Commission (Commission) will spend approximately $923.6 million on a variety of projects and programs. Work continues on the 91 Project. When finished in 2017, the Project will add two tolled express lanes and the addition of a general purpose lane in each direction of State Route 91 between the Orange County line and I-15. The Commission is also actively pursuing completion of the environmental, design, right of way, and construction processes on the I-215 Corridor Improvement Project and the I-15 Express Lanes project. Management of smaller programs such as commuter and motorist assistance will also continue to be a top priority.

The Commission opened a public hearing on the proposed budget at its May 11, 2016, meeting and is expected to adopt the budget at the June 8, 2016 Commission meeting.

During FY 2016/17, regional programs including Metrolink's commuter rail, transit services, commuter and motorist assistance, planning, and programming will receive approximately $191.4 million in funding. Much of that funding is received from state sales tax sources and is passed through to individual transit operators. Measure A funding - the half-cent transportation sales tax - is also used for public and specialized transit services.

A copy of the executive summary of the proposed FY 2016/17 budget is available here.


Due to declining revenues across the state, the Commission received an update on the decrease of State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) funding and deprogramming of priority projects at its May meeting. As previously reported, STIP funds will be reduced by $754 million. The impact to Riverside County's STIP proposal included the reduction of $32 million in construction funding on the
I-15/French Valley Parkway interchange project and the deletion of $2.9 million in right of way funding for the I-15/Railroad Canyon Road interchange. The 2016 STIP recommendations will be presented for adoption at the California Transportation Commission's May 18-19 meeting. A copy of the recommendation is available at: http://www.catc.ca.gov/programs/STIP/2016_STIP/2016_STIP_Staff_Recommendations.pdf


i15 project

The I-15 Express Lanes Project Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Summit (Summit) was held to increase DBE/SBE awareness of the project, encourage DBE/SBE participation, and to provide DBEs/SBEs with an opportunity to network with the short-listed proposers for both the toll services provider and the design-builder procurements. Presentations at the Summit included a high-level project overview and a summary of the Commission's DBE goals provided by Lisa DaSilva, RCTC Toll Project Manager. In addition, Anne Mayer, RCTC Executive Director, welcomed the attendees, provided an opening statement, and discussed the importance of DBE/SBE participation. All six of the short-listed proposers were well represented and provided meaningful information to DBEs/SBEs regarding potential subcontracting opportunities. In summary, the Summit was a successful event and the Commission believes it will lead to more opportunities for DBEs/SBEs and increased DBE/SBE participation on the project.

i15 event

Complete project details are available at http://i15project.info/.



The Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC) is holding a series of workshops to receive input on developing its two year work program. Approximately $28 million in Clean Transportation Funding will be available for a two year period beginning with FY 2016/17. MSRC is seeking input for potential projects that reduce emissions from motor vehicles in the South Coast Air District. The workshop agenda will include:

  • A discussion about how the MSRC can help improve air quality in the South Coast region and assist the SCAQMD in meeting its clean air requirements; and
  • A dialogue among stakeholders about their clean air priorities and how the MSRC can help by considering funding for programs to meet these goals.

Click here for workshop locations, dates, and times.



Speaker's Bureau

The Commission maintains a speaker's bureau that actively makes presentations throughout the county on transportation issues. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation for your service club or community organization, please contact Eliza Perez at (951) 787-7141 or eperez@rctc.org.

During the past month, Commissioners and/or staff participated at the following events:

Apr 14: Transit Oriented Development Meeting - Hemet
Apr 14: Corona Community Task Force Meeting (CCTF) - 91 Project - Corona
Apr 19: CALCOG Board of Directors Meeting - Sacramento
Apr 19: Orange County Transportation Authority's Citizens Advisory Committee - RCTC Project Update - Orange
Apr 19: Caltrans' Headquarters - I-15 Express Lanes Meeting - Sacramento
Apr 20: City of Corona's Council Meeting - 91 Project Update - Corona
Apr 20: City of Riverside's Ward 7 Town Hall - RCTC Project Update - Riverside
Apr 22: Gerdau Steel Tour - Rancho Cucamonga
Apr 26: Self Help Counties Coalition Meeting - Sacramento
Apr 27: KOCE Television Interview - 91 Project - Riverside
Apr 27: Tactical Urbanism Community Advisory Committee - Palm Desert
Apr 28: I-15 Express Lanes DBE Summit - Corona
Apr 28: Caltrans' District 8 - Town Hall Meeting - San Bernardino
Apr 28: Operation Life Saver Presentation - Mecca
May 02: California State Bike and Pedestrian Plan - Riverside
May 05: Good Hope/Meadowbrook MAC - Perris Valley Line - Perris
May 05: Southern California Association of Governments' General Assembly - La Quinta
May 09: City Manager Meeting - Transportation Funding and TUMF - Palm Springs
May 10: California Freight Advisory Committee - Riverside

Doing Business with RCTC

Interested in doing business with RCTC? Register as a vendor and visit our website at www.rctc.org/doing-business/rfps-rfqs-ifbs for business opportunities.

Upcoming Policy Meetings

Please check the RCTC website at www.rctc.org/about-us/agendas-and-meetings for scheduled meetings. Download the agenda and check to make sure the meeting has not been cancelled.

  • 5/23/2016 - 9:30 a.m. - Budget and Implementation Committee
  • 5/23/2016 - 1:30 p.m. - Western Riverside County Programs and Projects Committee
  • 6/8/2016 - 9:30 a.m. - Commission Meeting

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