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Measure A

As part of the annual budget process, the Riverside County Transportation Commission (Commission) released its revenue projections for Fiscal Year 2014/15. Revenue projections include Measure A, the 1/2 cent sales tax program for transportation; Local Transportation Fund (LTF), which consists of funding derived from a 1/4 cent of the state's sales tax; and Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fees (TUMF). TUMF revenues consist of fees charged to new developments to ensure they pay for transportation facilities needed to accommodate growth. For FY 2014/15, the Commission approved revenue projections as follows:

  • Measure A
  • $167.0 million
  • LTF
  • 81.5 million
  • TUMF
  • 12.0 million

    When making projections, staff considers revenue trends, historical receipts, economic data, and forecast studies. Current trends indicate Measure A and LTF receipts are approximately 4.9% and 5.2% higher, respectively, for the six months ending December 31, 2013, compared to the same period last year. FY 2012/13 TUMF revenues were 89.1 percent higher than FY 2011/12, and FY 2013/14 receipts to date are comparable to FY 2012/13 trends.

    Recovery from the nationwide recession in the local economy continues. Sales tax revenues have rebounded from the economic downturn's low economic point in 2010 and have increased for 16 consecutive quarters through the second quarter of 2013. The unemployment rate has been decreasing and job growth indicators are somewhat encouraging. The housing market is showing improvement with price appreciation and increase in building permits – especially multi-family housing.


    Based on a multi-funding call for projects, the Commission approved $152 million to fund construction activities and project development for 33 projects located throughout Riverside County. A combination of state, federal, and Measure A regional arterial funds made up the funding stream. Projects selected for funding were based on regional significance, project readiness, availability of local match, safety, air quality, cost benefit, and consistency with the regional transportation plan/sustainable communities strategy. Examples of funded projects include interchange improvements, interchange widening, signal synchronization, a truck climbing lane, transit service, bike paths, sidewalk improvement projects, etc. A copy of the press release and staff report listing the various projects is available here.


    At the beginning of every year of the Legislature and Congress, the Commission adopts legislative platforms that outline the positions the Commission will take on various pieces of legislation, administrative policies, and regulations. A copy of the Commission's adopted legislative platform is available here.

    News Bites

    Commission Meeting

    The Commission's annual workshop will be held on January 30-31, 2014, at the Palm Springs Hilton, 400 East Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, California.

    The February Commission meeting has been canceled.

    Speaker’s Bureau

    The Commission also maintains a speaker’s bureau that actively makes presentations throughout the county on transportation issues. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation for your service club or community organization, please contact Eliza Echevarria at (951) 787‑7141 or eechevarria@rctc.org.

    During the past month, Commissioners and/or staff participated at the following events:

    December 12: Project Tour – California Transportation Commission and Caltrans' Staff

    December 13: Riverside Chamber of Commerce, Governmental Affairs Committee – upcoming legislative issues

    December 16: Board of Supervisors' Holiday Open House and Toy Drive

    December 19: California Transportation Foundation Board Meeting

    January 6: Coachella Valley Association of Governments – Presentation on Federal Freight Policy

    January 8: Iowa Avenue Grade Separation – Ribbon Cutting

    January 8: Magnolia Area Neighborhood Alliance – 91 Project

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    In an effort to enhance public outreach, the Commission created a twitter account — an internet messaging site that allows anyone to post information on a real time basis. If you use Twitter, you can follow the Commission at twitter.com/RCTC.

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